On this page you can subscribe to information via RSS. Below you can find a list of available RSS feeds and information about RSS and how to use it.

Use the links below to subscribe to a RSS-feed. If you use a web browser that has not an integrated RSS-reader the links will open in a page with an error message. Copy the URL of that page and use in a RSS-reader.


You can subscribe to new press releases, new calendar events, and new webcasts/podcasts on quarterly results.


Calendar events


What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) makes it possible for you to get a quick update of one or several web sites. Through installing a RSS-reader, you may subscribe to either a summary of content from a web site together with a link, or the full text, as soon as the content has been published, without visiting the actual web site.

How to subscribe to RSS feeds?

There are two versions of RSS readers, web based and program based. If you download a web based reader, your subscriptions are available from any computer connected to the internet. The readers are automatically controlling the feeds and presents the new updates in a clear way.

To start subscribing, copy the chosen URL and paste it into the reader. The subscription starts immediately.

How do I get an RSS-reader?

Click on any of the links below, or any other reader that you may choose, and install the reader on your computer.  Most RSS readers are very simply constructed and will instruct you how to install. If you download a software, your RSS feeds will be stored locally on your computer.

Examples of web based readers:


Examples of software:

Feedreader (free of charge)
SharpReader (free of charge)

Most modern browsers have integrated RSS readers, Opera, Safari and Mozilla Firefox to mention a few.