Sustainability at Swedish Match

During the past year we have taken a new approach to our efforts on sustainability. Our aim has been, and is, to further clarify what is material to our Company as a whole and in the long term.

Our sustainability strategy emphasizes six areas – public health, business ethics, equal opportunity, child labor, greenhouse gases, and waste.

Our focus areas form the basis for our common roadmap; this is where we put extra effort and coordinate external reporting of our progress in the coming years. We will continue to work, based on a more decentralized approach, within other sustainability areas relevant to our Company. We will for example continue to maintain high standards for operational health and safety and emphasize the wellbeing of our employees.

In 2017, we will refine the strategy with specific targets and actions to reach the overall goals as well as with KPIs to track progress. Swedish Match is a global company made up of fairly auto­nomous local units. Our aim is to establish a common group approach in our focus areas, while at the same time allowing for ­differences and tailored targets and actions at local operating unit level. In this way, Swedish Match demonstrates a genuine commitment to making a difference where we believe it matters, generating long term change for the better.

Our approach in developing the Company’s sustainability strategy may be summarized as follows:

  • Our overarching goal in our sustainability efforts is to help ­making the world a better place and to secure Swedish Match’s long term business success.
  • Our vision of a world without cigarettes is central to our sustainability strategy and how we contribute to making the world a ­better place.
  • Sustainability work spans across a broad array of topics, and for best impact and transparency we believe that group-wide efforts and reporting are most effective if concentrated to key areas of focus.
  • Sustainability efforts are integrated throughout the organization with strong commitment and involvement by the Group Management Team and other leaders.
  • Sustainability efforts outside the focus areas will continue to be encouraged and are best managed locally.
  • While the Company has already achieved a lot in the sustain­ability area, there is still much work to be done.

We want our work to have relevance for all involved – impacted by and impacting our business. We welcome an active dialogue with our stakeholders regarding our efforts as we proceed in 2017.

Value chain and initial scopes of focus areas

Value chain

Our focus areas extend in different scopes across our value chain. For child labor, the scope is mainly upstream in our value chain. For public health, as well as for greenhouse gases, the scope includes the entire value chain. For business ethics, the scope is our own operations as well as our relationship with third parties; suppliers, distributors, and retail customers. For equal opportunity and waste, the scope is our own operations.