Sustainability at Swedish Match

Our sustainability strategy emphasizes six areas – public health, ethical business practices, equal opportunity, greenhouse gases, waste, and child labor, which are material to our Company as a whole and in the long term. Our vision of a world without cigarettes is central to our sustainability strategy and how we contribute to making the world a better place.

Overall goals

Improve public health. Our goal is to eliminate cigarette use and tobacco related morbidity and mortality by offering smokers attractive sources of nicotine for recreational use (such as Swedish snus and other nicotine containing products like ZYN).
Ensure ethical business practices. At Swedish Match, we will take the necessary steps to ensure that ethical business practices are maintained within our own company and in our relationships with all outside parties.
Support equal opportunity. Our continuing objective is to be a truly open and inclusive employer. In this environment, with zero tolerance for discrimination, all employees have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential – resulting in a more diverse workplace.
Reduce greenhouse gases. Our goal is to reflect the commitments outlined in the Paris Agreement and thereby reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in our value chain.
Reduce waste. Our goal is to reduce waste generated at our own production facilities.
Eliminate child labor. Our goal is the elimination of child labor in the Company’s value chain.

Group common roadmap

Our focus areas form the basis for our common roadmap; this is where we put extra effort and coordinate external reporting of our progress. Swedish Match is a global company made up of fairly autonomous local units. Our aim has been to establish a common group approach in our focus areas, while at the same time allowing for differences and tailored targets and actions at local operating unit level. Sustainability work spans across a broad array of topics, and for best impact and transparency we believe that group-wide efforts and reporting are most effective if concentrated to key areas of focus. Other sustainability efforts relevant to our Company, outside the scope of our focus areas, will continue to be encouraged and are best managed locally. This includes, for example, operational health and safety and emphasizing the well-being of our employees.

Integrating sustainability

Sustainability is inherent in our value proposition, meaning that it is managed and driven from the highest levels of our organization. Our Group Management Team (GMT) has the overall responsibility for Swedish Match’s efforts on sustainability. GMT and other leaders within the Group are committed and involved in the process to define and further develop the strategy. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors on progress. Heads of operating units are responsible for implementing the strategy in the operating unit under their responsibility. To make our sustainability strategy a reality in all parts of our company, we have built an organization across operating units to back up both development and implementation of the strategy. Swedish Match’s sustainability teams provide a platform for inspiration and exchange of competence and ideas. The teams comprise representatives from our operating units and from the GMT for each focus area. Members of these teams are ambassadors at the operating unit level and take part in developing a plan for group common targets, actions and KPIs. They assure execution of actions at the local level and report on progress.

At Group level there is also a sustainability function that reports directly to the CEO and helps to drive continued progress within our sustainability focus areas and actions, facilitates the process towards implemented strategy, and communicates work and results to our important stakeholders.