Support equal opportunity

Our continuing objective is to be a truly open and inclusive employer. In this environment, with zero tolerance for discrimination, all employees have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential – resulting in a more diverse workplace.

The scope of this focus area is our own operations.

Our commitment

Our best asset for innovation is a workforce of employees with equal opportunities to achieve their full potential. At Swedish Match we put equal opportunities first and foremost in our work toward non-discrimination and diversity. We are dedicated to having an open and inclusive work environment where all our employees shall have equal opportunities to achieve their full potential, regardless of personal status such as race, nationality, ethnic or social origin, age, religion, political orientation, gender, sexual orientation or identity, family or marital status, pregnancy, disability or other status. We work diligently to assure there is zero tolerance for discrimination. As such, we take a proactive approach against structural discrimination and toward increased diversity at all levels within our ­Company.

Zero tolerance for discrimination

We are committed to non-discrimination in all employment practices, policies, benefits and procedures. All violations are taken seriously. Procedures are in place to ensure that swift action is taken to investigate and resolve employee concerns without fear of retaliation. There are several different ways in which an employee may raise a concern, including talking to the employee’s manager, or the manager’s immediate manager, or further up to the Company’s General Counsel. The employee may also file a complaint anonymously through the whistleblower function, which is available on the Company’s intranet. Employee well-being and engagement is tracked regularly through a global employee opinion survey. The survey includes parameters on discrimination.

Decentralized functions for Human Resources

At Swedish Match, we have a decentralized Human Resources (HR) organization due to the fact that regulations and societal context vary between countries. Many initiatives are taken each year to ensure that we create and maintain an inclusive work environment, through ongoing training, gender equality programs, equal pay analyses, equal employment opportunity efforts, and unyielding commitment to non-discrimination.

Through the HR Council we are creating common ground within the Group. The primary focus has been to exchange ideas and knowledge and to better understand the different starting points. We have increased our focus on diversity and more specifically ­gender equality, as actions within this field are a prerequisite for a level playing field and equal opportunities.

Cooperating for equal opportunities

During 2017, we will deepen the cooperation within HR and between operating units and continue our work in more detail to find common ground within the Group, and develop local action plans. We will map diversity and gender balance in a coherent way throughout the Company. On the basis of this mapping, we will set targets and develop KPIs on diversity and equal opportunity, as local laws permit.