News; Mar 9, 2009 3:10 PM CET

New star in the General sky

General White Portion will be the role model for can designs.

General White Portion now becomes the second member of the General family to have star-designed portion packages.General White Portion - star-designed package

“Our users are continuously imposing new demands on our products. The attractive way of presenting portion packages in the can is one demand that we have acknowledged and has resulted in the star-design for General White Portion,” says Niklas Krohn, Marketing Manager for the General brand.

General Onyx was the first snus brand in the Nordic region to use the star design for portion packages. It is now time to do the same with General White Portion, one of the most widely sold products in the market.

White Portion is a unique technology in which each portion is moistened in such a way that seepage is reduced while the flavor lasts longer. However, the moisture content is the same as for the original portion package.

“Since General White Portion is one of our most appreciated products, we’re delighted to be adding something new,” says Niklas Krohn.