News; Nov 27, 2003 CET

Unique plant built in record time

At 11:00 a.m. on January 11, 2001, the ground was broken for what is now Swedish Match’s unique new snus plant in Kung㫶, near Gothenburg. Not only is the Kung㫶 plant the world’s most advanced snuff-production plant, but construction of the plant was also carried out substantially more rapidly than scheduled, based on a concept unique to Swedish Match. The inauguration in September was the symbolic culmination of many years of dedicated research and development work within Swedish Match.

Lead times have been short between initial decision, implementation and inauguration of the new plant. It was in August 2000 that Swedish Match’s Board of Directors approved the construction of a new snus plant to meet the increasing demand in Sweden. It was also inherent in the decision that this would be the world’s most advanced snus plant, using production processes fully in conformity with the
GOTHIATEK® standard.

As early as January 11, 2001 - only about four months after the Board’s decision - the ground was broken to begin construction. And in mid-March 2003 - three months ahead of schedule - the plant went into operation, with the start-up of production on the first production line. The
second line started up during the latter half of April.

The task of leading the project fell to Lars-Olof L�n, head of production and development in the North Europe Division. He was aided by a steering committee of 5-6 persons. Kenth Gamhed,
who works with strategic projects in the division, was in charge of operative project management. Marie Lindstr�production manager, became involved in the operation in January of this year to handle the recruitment of personnel and job orientation.

Swedish snus from Swedish Match differs significantly from most other smokeless tobacco products in the world. To guarantee its unique quality, Swedish Match has developed the GOTHIATEK® quality standard.

GOTHIATEK® is the result of decades of research and development, a program that has led to unique products, produced using a unique production process.

The starting point for the standard is the stringent limit values set by Swedish Match for certain undesirable constituents in Swedish snus. These substances exist or are formed in nature and can occur in various types of crops, including tobacco. Some of these substances
have been identified by researchers as possible health risks in high concentrations.

The tobacco in Swedish snus produced in conformity with GOTHIATEK® is constantly checked to ensure compliance with the internal limit values for undesirable constituents in every single product. Gene-modified tobacco is not accepted.

All additives must meet the requirements in Swedish Match’s ingredients policy, which means that they must be approved for use as food additives in those countries where the products are marketed. Moreover, in certain cases, Swedish Match’s requirements are stricter than the legislation.

In the production process, the tobacco is heat-treated - pasteurized
- to render harmless the majority of the natural bacterial flora.
As soon as it is packaged, snus is transferred directly to cold storage.

All open handling, such as filling of consumer packaging, takes place in areas that, as a minimum, fulfill the national hygiene requirements for food-preparation premises.